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Kitchen Cheatsheet

I found a great kitchen cheatsheet in Everest Kitchens today and thought I’d share. I’ve also added it to my “Conversions” page for reference.

I hope it helps!



Do you know of any great cooking related infographics? Share them with everyone in the comments!


Swirl Cake Tin

How cool is this?!?

What a wicked looking cake!

Classical Swirling Shape Cake Tin  Nordicware Heritage

It probably comes from a classic swirl cake tin by Nordicware. Nordicware based the design on an old German stoneware mould for baking a ring-shaped Gugelhupf, similar to the American coffee cake. Nordicware ‘swirl’ tins are made of durable cast aluminium, and feature a centre tube that ensures even baking and the non-stick coating should provide easy release and cleanup (but I’d still use some sort of cake release just in case).