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2014 – The Year of Making Things

In an effort to get back to basics, I’ve decided that 2014 is going to be the year of making things from scratch.

For the purpose of this blog, when I say “things” I mean stuff like bacon, country sausage, butter, mayonnaise, corn bread mix, pulled pork barbecue, vanilla essence, sloe gin and a whole raft of other things. I’m also going to do some woodworking and blacksmithing but that’s really not food related unless I make butcher blocks and knives!

While I’m working on all that, Christina is going to work on her fine pastry skills and work on becoming a better patissier.

There are a few reasons I want to make stuff:

    1. There are some common American ingredients I still haven’t found replacements for in the UK so I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m just going to have to make them myself.
    2. Once I can make the stuff I’m missing, I can then start practicing a few recipes I would like to serve in my dream cafe.
    3. It will improve my skills by forcing me to learn all kinds of new techniques.

Thankfully, we have new neighbors who used to run restaurants in Venezuela and the UK. The husband is a professional chef and has agreed to teach me a few things (as long as I don’t get better than he is) so there will be some interesting posts coming up.